New Luxury apartment in Rothschild Shenkin compound for rent.

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we offer to rent a luxury apartment  in   Historic  restored building
Size 93  sqm plus 17  sqm terraces  facing  the street

3 rooms (2 bedrooms)
Real parquet throughout the apartment

Underground parking Indoor

Glazing double windows
This  house  , which was  originally built during the 20’s of the last century, is a unique conservation and reconstruction project as part of the White City zone, declared in 2003 by the UNESCO as a world heritage site,The beautiful project offers  luxurious apartments, and  it is one of the most elegant buildings  in town .

Giordana Sarah Di Castro

Telavivforsale  The ultimate Real Estate in Israel

Yehuda Halevi 143  Tel Aviv

Tel. 03-5609616 fax

– 03-5255635

Mob : 0545339543

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