“Home is where the heart is” – amazing garden loft near Norman Hotel Tel Aviv

Kikar Albert , Tel Aviv
12000000 NIS

Project Info


Garden loft – new design building

Nahmani area  ( steps from Norman Hotel )

around 300 sqm built + 150 zen garden

3 parking place and storage



When outdoor living is such a challenge in Tel Aviv Rothschild area, creating a living environment that links the indoor /outdoor living as beautifully and organically as this loft deserves celebration.

A gut renovation gave this loft an airy modern edge-invented the functionality of every room for maximum comfort.   The design elements of each room come together in a well thought flow and harmony.   The play of materials, finishes and textures employs throughout the loft, helps define each room and enhances the spaciousness and the flow.  This apartment layout it is incredibly rich in the design of each piece and the selection of fabrics and other materials.

Each piece makes a strong statement, instilling a zen modern feel for the whole apartment.



Giordana Sarah Di Castro
Telavivforsale  The ultimate Real Estate in Israel
Yehuda Halevi 143  Tel Aviv
Tel. 03-5609616 fax – 03-5255635

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