Herbert Samuel 10 – House of Luxury sea front . Tel Aviv

Herbert Samuel 10 Tel Aviv

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Tower luxury “Herbert Samuel 10” on the promenade of Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, established entrepreneurship “Ofer Investments” and implementation of “Electra Construction”, which is managed and maintained by a company specializing in the management and maintenance of luxury homes and hotels that combine the residential area of Tel Aviv.

The luxury towers built sea line, which includes 21 floors with his feet on the ground floor commercial space. “Herbert Samuel, 10”, including 33 luxury apartments of 200-400 square meters area, unique penthouse and 7 flats “loft” each with private elevator to the apartment. The tower is located next to the hotel Royal Beach Promenade in Tel Aviv, and built an extremely high standard and features an impressive lobby and stylish, floor luxurious spa with large pool made of stainless steel, electrical systems, smart building control systems, fully equipped fitness center, elevators sophisticated with computer monitors, concierge services Furthermore, the customer model luxury hotels in recent years has become the most popular among tenants and investors from Israel and abroad.

We offer for sale an apartment on the half-floor balcony “on the water”. The apartment is divided into three suites, one of which is very large.
Very high standard and the apartment was designed and furnished in a modern style urban architectural work.



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Tel.+972-52-2298111 —- telavivforsale@gmail.com
 our site Telavivforsale                                      כסף זהב חסד ואמת אלוף


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