Between two central squares , luxury garden apartment , in a boutique building under construction

In a green street between Kikar Hamedina and Kikar Rabin
6450000 NIS

Project Info

New boutique project  near the Nehardea Garden in Tel Aviv Prime LOCATION

The project has a committee decision to build a new building that includes:

Two floors underground parking + 7 residential floors

The project will have up to 16 apartments

The project has banking support

Expected occupancy: 3 years.
We offer for sale a 4 room apartment on the ground floor – garden

Unique and rare apartment on one level

Space: 100 sqm + luxurious garden 120 sqm

Private covered parking

Price: ₪ 6,450,000


Giordana Sarah Di Castro
Telavivforsale  The ultimate Real Estate in Israel
Yehuda Halevi 143  Tel Aviv
Tel. 03-5609616 fax – 03-5255635
Mob : 052- 2298111
"כסף וזהב חסד ואמת אלוף"

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