Penthouse in a quiet street near the sea . Neve Tsedek Tel Aviv

Neve Tsedek Tel Aviv
10700000 NIS

Project Info

two penthouses that can be recalled to one big property.
The building is born from a family old  property that was completely rebuilt.
The details are :
Penthouse apartment 70 meters + 9 meters terrace also open to the north-east Floor 3 – 3 rooms and general services
Asking price 4,500,000 NIS
Penthouse apartment 71 meters + 2 balconies first in the master room of 2 meters and the largest of 49 meters facing west to the  Sea . 3 – room 3 rooms and general services.
Asking price 6,000,00 NIS
  1. the two properties price requested is 10500000 Nis for a total built of 141 net + 58 terraces
  2. All apartments have a parking space on the parking lot ( robot )
  3. A common shelter for the first three floors and the last floor has a floor shelter
  4. elevator
  5. A system of cameras for all construction
  6. Water solar  Heater
  7. ready to enter in two months !!


Giordana Sarah Di Castro

Telavivforsale  The ultimate Real Estate in Israel

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